Winning Musher!!

A personal shout out to my brother Al (Fritter) for placing first in a professional dog sled race in N. Michigan this last weekend.  He ran with 10 dogs (winning time of  4 hr, 28 minutes), and I’m very proud of him.  He works hard training these dogs, and I’m sure he’s enjoying the payoff.  Way to go Frit!! – Laura

Musher Al
Musher Al. Photo by Sigurd Utych



2 thoughts on “Winning Musher!!”

  1. Congrats! I will show that picture to the boys. Alex did a project at school where they followed the Iditarod. All the kids picked a team they wanted to win and then followed the race progress each day. He really enjoyed learning about it. Way to go!

    1. Michele – Al trains and races for the Magnasson Family. Mr Magnasson took 4th in the same 10-dog race. Usually one team has the better dogs – I haven’t talked to him to find out the details. Also, Mrs. Magnasson took first in the 8-dog pro race, and another trainer in the kennel (from South Africa!) took 1st in the 6-dog sportsman category. A good day for them. They’re now headed to Jackson Wyoming for the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. It’s quite the big deal, though I think they don’t have aspirations of winning/placing – just getting experience for the dogs.This race is last of January if Alex want’s to follow it –
      Thanks for following us!! Laura

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