da Beach

Sunday is definitely the big fun day at the beach for local families. All of the cabanas were occupied and 2 lifeguards instead of 1.

We stayed in a one bedroom apartment in the building to the right (round balconies). Beach view and a nice breeze.
Back in Bogota.

Still hard to believe the cost to eat out. Here was another “set meal of the day” which included soup and an iced tea (not shown) , and choice of beef steak or chicken. Total bill for two – $5.00. And all good home-cooked food. Of course this couple converted their garage into a restaurant- so low/no overhead. Grocery store items similarly priced.

We flew from Cartagena to Bogota today – about an hour & a quarter in the air. A bus, winding through the Andes, would have taken 18 -20 hours and cost more! With advanced planning (10 days or more), Avianca offers very reasonable rates ($40-$50) and a free bag.