Jewel of Great Britain

Vickie O'Shea - English Treasure
Vickie O’Shea

Had a quick but lovely visit with Ms. Vickie O’Shea, sporting a twin-lens reflex camera.  She offered to let me snap a shot (I did – of her), though it’s been nearly 40 years since I’ve used one.  Do YOU know how to set an f-stop? 🙂  I wish her the best – betting she’ll leave her mark on the world! – Laura

One thought on “Jewel of Great Britain”

  1. Hi Laura!!

    Its me! The one in the picture ;D

    Hope you’re well! Glad you stopped to say hello, I look forward to seeing the picture you took, I haven’t developed the films yet but I will be sure to send it to you when I do 🙂

    I am travelling to Porto soon, hope your travels are/have been going well 😀

    Much Love


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