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Second stay in bogota in Liliana’s apartment near 78th & 18


When planning this getaway, Colombia and the Italian island of Sicily were the two finalists. Colombia won out because travel here was less expensive and easier/quicker. Additionally, the ideal time to visit Sicily would be their spring, not winter. In light of the recent eruption of Mt. Etna and an earthquake on the island, seems it was a good choice.

2nd stop in bogota

Yesterday we changed our lodging. We’re now in an apartment approximately a 20 minute taxi ride ($4) north of our first stop. We went from hostel (but not hostile) to an apartment that lacks nothing. Believe this is the hostess’s home but she is/has been out of the country. She (Liliana) manages the property via Airbnb email, and with good relationships with her housekeeper and the doorman. Per Airbnb, she’s a Superhost, receiving all 5- star reviews from her guests.

Liliana’s apartment for a 5 day stay

Liliana had the doorman deliver a bottle of Brazilian red wine and some cheese. Now that’s how you get a 5-star rating. $32 a night. The same price as the hostel, where we paid a premium for location. Thirty dollars seems to be our sweet spot for lodging, though one could pay as little as $25 and up to $45 and beyond.

A list of items in this one bedroom apartment include: coffee pot and all typical kitchen appliances, coffee and basic kitchen supplies, beverages- soft & hard, snacks, washer w/ detergent, fully supplied desk, towels and all toiletries, tv, guide books & maps, you get the picture. A search for commercial lodgings in the area reveals a local hotel for $41 and a Hilton 12 blocks away for $180.

Outside our 3rd floor window ( yeah! Minimum street noice!) and across the street are 6 mini soccer fields – fun to watch. Thinking of you Ben B!

Out our window – Soccer fields, and doggies waiting for pastry crumbs to fall.