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In December 2004,  Dave & I visited Malta for 3 weeks.  We stayed in 2 different places on the main island and had a 4 day stay in Marsalforn on the north coast of Gozo.  Though it was rainy and unseasonably cold (so they said), I remember fondly the walks we took through the countryside from town to town.  I’ve anticipated these walks on this trip, and thankfully the weather has cooperated.   Cloudy mornings skies seem to always clear by midday.

Monday’s walk started in Xlendi Bay where we headed east on a trail through the fields.  The islands have been inhabited for over 5ooo years, and I can’t imagine how much work it took to build the rock retaining walls that cover them.  The terraces they create are garden/farm lands. IMG_1085

We met a gentleman on the trail who said he had been in bed with a bad back for 3 days – he blamed the bumpy scooter ride!  He and his dog Charlie were headed to Munxar – where they do have a grocery store.

IMG_1083Our walk continued along these beautiful south facing cliffs.


Construction challenges with  narrow streets!  There are many eunfinished homes with for sale signs.  It appears as though they build a shell on speculation and the buyer finishes the interior, including windows. It also appears as though no mortar is used between these solid blocks of stone.

IMG_1090Finally, we wound our way through the villages of Sannat and Munxar before looping back to Xlendi Bay. – Laura

Xlendi Bay
Xlendi Bay


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