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Dec 27 -Jan 1 in hostel and the gelin home for 1 night.

Saturday Market

From what I can tell, Colombians grow everything, as is witnessed by the weekly farmers market in Villa de Leyva.

This is the Farmers Square any day but Saturday.
Market day. Farms dot all the valleys.
Seriously, the Colombians are a very open, generous and friendly population. Poker looks like their Budweiser.
Several food vendors with packed tables. The hearty soups looked the most popular.

Villa de Leyva – a cIty frozen in time

Every Colombian we talked to about our visit put this town at the top of the must see-list, so we did. It’s best described as a Levenworth WA or Mackinaw Island – on steroids. Here’s how the guidebook sells it:

“One of the most beautiful colonial villages in Colombia…was declared a national monument in 1954. This photogenic village has been preserved in its entirety with cobblestone roads (streets) and whitewashed buildings.”

And these aren’t small cobblestones – see below. No rollerblading or high heals.

Really, all of the streets – no relief. A slow go for vehicles.
This was a fluke to have no people in the shot. The town was packed for the weekend and the holiday. Popular getaway for Bogota dwellers. Small craft shops and countless restaurants line the 10 or so blocks of commercial area

Locals also note that the town is pursuing World Heritage Site designation, and prohibiting vehicles in the city core. Traffic was an issue with one wide lane being shared by 2-way traffic and pedestrians.

This is a side street, and there are steps between myself and the cars. Maybe it’s long term parking.


Dave and I have spent the last four days in Villa de Leyva, which is a 2.5 hour bus ride north of Bogota. So I have posting catch-up to do! Meanwhile, here are some scenes from New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the month, the town had a competition between 3 companies to determine who would get the fireworks contract for New Year’s Eve. That’s how you get a free show for the town!! This night, two companies (not sure why) put on a great show.
Faces lit by the fireworks. About a quarter of the square was fenced off for the fireworks and the rest was packed. We stood right next to the fence, so the display was right overhead.

In the far right corner a band blared, and there was an awesome ballon release where individuals released large glowing balloons – surreal.

Another slice of the crowd. Open containers is not an issue, anytime, anywhere. Rowdiness or public intoxication doesn’t seem to be an issue.
There were more decorations here than in Bogota, where stores might hang a little garland, but homes, not so much.