Valletta visit


IMG_1586A gap between two buildings had been made into a stairwell.  It ended at the marina where some humungous yatchs were moored – see below.   And this wasn´t even shot from the top of the stairs.

IMG_1593<A travel day Sunday and a broken internet at our new ´home¨ is the reason for lack of postings. I´m making this post from the Tourist Information office in Fuengirola, Spain.>

IMG_1617Did they build the bus to just fit through these archways?  As noted before, these ancient fortress walls remain all over the island.  The narrow streets always find vehicles giving way to busses and trucks that could otherwise not manage a corner or intersection.

IMG_1616Golden girl.

IMG_1620We will miss Malta’s Carnival by a week.  It´s the same as our  Mardi Gras,  the free-wheeling festival before the beginning of the Lent in the Catholic tradition, and a very big deal here.   Above:  We´re guessing this fella was doing his sound check in preparation for the festival.  The venue was an ancient ruin where modern seating was being set up.

IMG_1608Flying buttress in the Naval Museum, which is housed in the former Navy bakery building next to the harbor.  We estimated this fella was 13´tall.  Malta of course has a very long naval history.

Almost caught up! – Laura