Hike up monserrate peak

The white church at the top of this peak (east of the city) is and has been a Mecca for pilgrims but everyone takes part in this challenging 1500 step hike. I read that the typical time to walk up is 60 – 90 minutes. We did it in the 90. We started too late in the day (11:00) to have the entire trail in the shade, so sun and altitude slowed us. That’s my story. There are three options for the hike up and down: walk, take the funicular, which operates till noon, or the cable car, which runs after noon. We walked up and took the cable car down.


Dave at the beginning of the trail. Pleasantly surprised to find the entire length was stone steps – no scrambling.

Step #1. We’d soon be carrying our jackets.

We saw this sign repeated along the trail. Each time a successive altitude was highlighted, indicating in meters (2350 in total) how far we’ve progressed laterally, not vertically. Helped gauge your progress, or lack thereof.

Altitude map, kind of.
This uphill facing fella, obviously an overachiever, was going down backward. Yes, it was steep.

Thankfully, there were half a dozen snack vendors strategically placed along the trail. The watermelon hit the spot, and was another excuse to rest.


Lots of groups of kids bouncing up and down the trail – Christmas break. If an adult was descending in a crisp shirt, likely he or she rode up.

The next images are from the top. Glad we did it.

To the south

To the west
To the south. The end of the trail is the path with walkers on it. Now let’s queue up for the cable car ride down!