Lagos coast walk

The weather hasn’t been great since we arrived – a bit of rain every day and in the mid 50’s.  With today forecast to be the sunniest day for a while,  we took to the pavement and followed a walking path along the costal cliffs.  A lovely and at times dramatic walk.


Yup – Dave way ahead 🙂


Note the crazy fella top side!

IMG_2652There are many beaches scattered in amongst the cliffs, and their sand looks gorgeous.

Light house and a café at the point.


3 thoughts on “Lagos coast walk”

  1. I had to come back to this post. The picture of Dave way ahead cracks me up. I remember him doing that during walks/hikes.

  2. Gorgeous scenery. No way I’m out on that ledge. Haha, Dave out front. I remember that even from when we were kids!

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