This is a German late 1970s Zundapp Famel. The company went out of business in 1984. From Wikipedia I found that Xunda Motor Co., in Tianjin, China bought the intellectual rights to the company. They produced small Zündapp motorcycles from 1987 till the early 1990s. Zündapp is still in business, but makes Honda based 4-stroke motorcycles and electric mopeds.


This 1930s motorized bicycle was built by the French company Terrot in Dijon France. This was spotted in a store front window in Seville Spain. I like the golden flared exhaust pipes.


I don’t know much about this “Monkey Bike”. If you go to the URL printed on the front fork of this bike you will end up at a Spanish importer of bikes. I’m guessing this is a 110cc Honda. This was found on the streets of Seville.


This is the first Portugese brand of motorcycles I have heard of. Apparently Macal produced a range of models with 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke engines.. They bought their engines from various suppliers including Honda. This bike is in active service. Notice the left hand side kick start on a concentric shaft with the gear shifter. Macal was founded in Portugal in 1921, and ceased production in 2004. This was spotted at the farmers market in Lagos Portugal.


This late 60s early 70s British looking motorcycle is actually a 2013? Chinese Mash 125. Why they label it “Seventy Five” I don’t know. They even put a British flag on the side and all the printing is in English. This was spotted in Ronda Spain.  Dave


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