Continuing the coastal walk

IMG_1513After leaving Marsaskala, we hiked south along these beautiful  cliffs.

IMG_1521Malta truly is a happy place.

IMG_1512Looking back at St. Thomas Bay.   We still haven’t figured out what the blocks attached to the posts/rods are for.  We asked on our last visit (10 years ago) and were told they are bird traps.  We’ve never seen anything on top of the blocks, so maybe (hopefully) they’re not used anymore.  Either way, we couldn’t figure them out.

IMG_1543Old and new.  Looking at the port across Ramla Ta’ Birzebugga, which translates to “Pretty Bay”.

IMG_1541Dave found a would-be souvenir, but I reminded him our storage units were full. – Laura

2 thoughts on “Continuing the coastal walk”

  1. Love the plants and boats photos! It’s true too about the restaurant food; sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so much.
    With so much hiking and not much luggage you must have figured out the answer to – what type of shoes do you bring? Can you advise all us future city/country hikers?
    Ms. D.

    1. Hello Ms. D!
      Good timing – I’m about to do a post on footwear!
      FYI – My wardrobe is working out well. It’s consists of:
      3 pants: 1 lined tweed pair, heavier and dressier. This was perfect for Madrid and airplane travel, but likely won’t wear too much for the remainder of the trip.
      1 pair nicer black pants, that double for hiking. (Kuhl brand at REI – love them)
      1 light weight hiking. These last 2 pair can be shorted with the little roll-up straps/buttons.
      7 tops: seems like a lot, but they are all thin and very layer-able. Includes 3 sweaters, and one summer blouse I haven’t worn …. yet.
      1 waterproof, lined windbreaker, 1 nicer jacket – nylon, very packable. 3 scarfs top them all off. Oh, and a workout top and bottom that can double as swim wear. Our next rental in Fuengirola, Spain has a roof-top pool – that I hope is heated!
      Thanks for following us, and for the feedback.Laura

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