Back on the trail.


IMG_1458Got out for a hike Sunday.  Lots of commercial greenhouses and farms,  so we tried to identify some of the  fruits & vegetables that grow on the island.

IMG_1434Artichokes. Who knew.

IMG_1446We peeked but didn’t pick – strawberries.

IMG_1437Vineyards – of course.  The local wine takes up a lot of shelf space in the stores, and is on every restaurant wine list.  Also in stores are wines from Italian, South America (mostly Chile), and Australia.  Not too many American.

IMG_1478Cherry tomatoes.  Also saw a greenhouse where Roma tomato plants were supported/wired up,  and about  8+ feet tall.

IMG_1500Seen next to one of the produce trucks that regularly set up on given street corners.  They will slice out as big or small a wedge as you want.

IMG_1477Guessing zucchini, which we see a lot of in the market. Light green skin.

OK – enough of the boring plants!

IMG_1445We were being watched.

IMG_1444Dave – trying to blend in 🙂 Since I had the camera, and have shorter legs, I’d often round a corner to find him patiently waiting for me to catch up.  The plaque above his head is the name of the home.  Even in town, every house has a name, usually religious in nature. This one was an exception –  “Wild Thyme”.  Also, looks can be deceiving.  This may look like a pretty boring house from the outside, but we’ve seen enough real estate fliers to know that they can be very elegant and modern inside.

IMG_1463Squeezing by.  For whatever reason, motorcycles & scooters are not as popular here as they are in Spain.  Also, would not recommend Malta as a biking destination, as shoulders are non-existent.

IMG_1472She was so proud of her horse!

IMG_1473Even small towns have large, beautiful churches.

IMG_1486Not positive who “Me” is – my guess is a hedgehog.  Have  only seen one squashed and it was much too small for a porcupine.

IMG_1482At the end of a delightful scramble up the hill!  It was a relief to find this short cut and get off the road, in addition to saving  the steps.  Note the long shadows.  We ended up catching a bus  for the last few miles home, as dusk caught up with us.  All in all, a very nice day. – Laura