Reflecting on Gozo


Dave gets credit for this image.  I’m still not used to where to look for traffic – they drive on the left. Yes – the skies finally glazed over and we had a cool breeze Saturday.


Safety:  A person using a wheelchair or walker could not get around easily.  Narrow, steep stairs are the rule, and if there is a sidewalk, often it’s only 18” or so wide.

We spent Wednesday touring the Citadel in Victoria, where there are 4 museums.  There was a lot on construction going on, and we weaved our way through the construction zones, earthmovers and all.  Compare the photo above of the hallway outside one of the museums, where the public freely walks, to U.S. safety requirements.  “Watch where you’re walking my darling!”


Ta’Nona. Seemed to have some British regulars.

The couple of times we did eat out, we did so at this cozy bar/eatery.  The cuisine of Malta is heavily influenced by Italy – pasta, pizza and local fish.  The pizza we had was great – thin crust.  In addition to the toppings common in the U.S., their list includes capers, seafood, and slices of boiled eggs.  Unfortunately their sausage translates into those little canned finger sausages -euwww.


View from our Xlendi Bay apartment. Thanks, Gozo Joe. Ta’Nona is at the lower edge of the image.  If we would have had one more day here, I would have scrambled to the top of this ridge.  I’ve read that it’s possible – there’s a ‘ghost’ staircase. Not Dave’s cup of tea.

Yes, a live owl on his shoulder.
Yes, a live owl on his shoulder.

IMG_1276We didn’t stick around and stare, but if it’s like Greece, this family of 3 will squeeze on the bike and scoot on home.

Next posting from the main island of Malta! Laura

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  1. Great pics, and love all the odd little observations. That’s the stuff that’s most fun, and I tend to forget when I get home. Glad it continues to be a great trip!

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