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A Maltese Junkyard surrounded by a limestone block wall. Note the Cathedral off in the distance. Our walk takes us there on the way to the 5500 year old Ggantija Temple.

So far our blog has been seen  by 295 unique users  and received  2495 hits.  Wow! Those are big numbers for a little travel blog for family and friends. However those numbers are far from real.  The real unique users are about 20 or so, and real hits are about 300.  If you look under the covers, about 80% of the hits are from China, and another 10% from Russia and the Ukraine, all trying to hack the admin password.  Luckily there are plugins available to help “blacklist” IP addresses of offending computers.  Last night was particularly fruitful with 10 more computers blacklisted.  By the way, if you use simple passwords like qwerty, 12345…, 121212, etc.  your blog would be history by now (I can see what passwords folks attempt to use).   I’m sure the same applies to your email account, bank accounts, etc.   . -Dave

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