Misc sights around Fuengirola

This will be a catch-all for random observations around Fuengirola.

We’re 3/4 of the way through our visit here, and even though it’s a very built up area from Fuengirola to Malaga, I’d stay in the area again.  With the exception of the direct beach area, it retains a local feel.

Always ice cream time.


The sweets, overall, have disappointed. (You who know me know I’ve done my best to find the best 🙂 Too much sugar and not enough flavor.


(not my photo) Before we leave, we will sample and report back on the traditional churros – a fried dough that you dip in a thick hot chocolate. (What I do for the sake of the blog!)


Boatyards in the U.S. typically use metal braces to balance/support the boats. Here they use wooden posts & wedges.


The many fishing boats are not near as colorful as those in Malta.


These are octopus traps. The cylinders, which were earthen pots in ancient days, are lowered to the seabed. The octopus naturally seek a place to crawl into, and don’t try to escape as they’re being raised to the waiting fishing boat.
Soccer game between Malaga and Barcelona caused mini-traffic jams in front of cafes & pubs that had TVs visible. Judging by crowd reaction shortly after the photo was taken, Malaga won. Also judging by the heavy coats, you would think it was cold here. It’s been regularly in the 60s. Me thinks they overdress.
Grocery baskets double as go-carts. Her speedy little brother, who is just about out of the image (far left), is winning the race.


Some nice contrast.
Some nice contrast.


Gleaner Dave brought home this deformed lemon he found on the sidewalk. The others in the tree must have given it the boot.

We’re off to the Automobile Museum in Malaga, which should provide some great photo opportunities.  Be well – Laura

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