Misc. Madrid


As I’m typing this, I can hear/have been hearing the constant roar from a soccer match at the Vicente Calderon Stadium – .75 miles away!! – Laura

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  1. Loving this!

    Can’t wait to see what you post next.

    What is on your bread in the picture? It looks like an egg but wine at breakfast????

    1. Terrie – delighted you are enjoying this blog – I sure am having fun doing it. When you order a “beverage” in a tavern/pub whatever you call them, they will typically give you a small plate of snacks – generically called tapas. Can be: olives or ham (prochuto) w/crackers, baby spicy sausages, etc. this place gave us the 1/2 boiled egg on bread. The egg had a little spice to it. The bars are different here. They really are all over and are genuine neighborhood gathering places, though not like in Britian where the whole family gathers. They are generally quite small with a bar to sit at, and either a narrow counter against the wall (with stools) or if it’s a wee bit bigger, 2-4 small tables. You can also order simple but filling food, after you’ve devoured the free appetizers! We’ve really only had one big meal out – at a local joint. It was their daily special – rib eye steak. It was great and neither of us could finish it. Made 2 more meals out of the leftovers. < $40, including drinks, fries and bread. LOTS-O-CARBS here but we are walking them off. Well there ya go - Probably TMI!! All my love - laura

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